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My Story

Growing up in a single-parent home during my early childhood years, we didn't have the means to do a lot, but we (or should I say my father) gave me and my siblings the best life he could afford to give and to that I am extremely grateful.

Fast forward twenty or so years later, throughout my early teenage to young adult years, I hadn't learned nor had the desire to learn how to manage money until I reached my late 20's.  Also within that timeframe, I accumulated credit card debt and a car loan with no savings, budget or financial goals whatsoever. Looking back, I wish I would have taken more time to become financially literate in regards to managing money. However, the good news is, I did not give up! Throughout the years, not only did I take budgeting classes, but also facilitated them while continuing to educate myself. During that time, I developed a passion to help others who also struggled with money management, and in 2020, authored a book entitled "Making Good Cents, Go from Penniless to Prosperous."

A year later, MGC Budget Coaching, LLC was birthed to help people stay consistent with their money goals, while also developing a budget to stay on track with those goals. 

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 Budget Coaching & Accountability

Our services aim to support individuals in achieving their financial goals and effectively managing their personal finances. This includes monthly one-to-one virtual coaching sessions where we work together to establish financial objectives, devise budgets, and create spending plans. Through these regular check-ins, we also provide guidance and support by monitoring financial activities, offering feedback, and keeping clients motivated and accountable in reaching their financial goals.

Money Mindset

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Goal Setting

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Action Plan

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We take a deep dive into your money mindset, to assess your current financial status and declutter any areas that may hinder you from living your best life. 

We assess your financial goals and develop healthy debt-management and savings practices. The start of your new budget!

It's time to work that budget where we now have a plan, confidence and motivation to see this financial journey through, with ease.  



My husband and I struggled with money management for more than 20 years.  While we earned well, we failed miserably with budgeting and establishing a savings account was a pipe dream. There were several attempts at coming up with a plan that would work  for us but each time we simply failed.  My husband and I are connected with individuals whom we respect and admire who also excel in managing their finances.  When we would open up about our struggles but the conversation often led to finger pointing and sheer embarrassment!  

Our church ministry promoted the Dave Ramsey financial system for families that needed help with financial management.  Kelly Redman led this effort.  After getting up the courage to ask for help again; to walk through and apply the principles highlighted in the program, Kelly offered to meet with us one on one to start from scratch and create a budget. Kelly helped us to bypass the finger pointing, include the full amount of every expense (down to the penny). She would come to our home each month to talk frankly and encouraged us to stay focused.

We determined  which accounts needed to be closed immediately and identified where to begin the debt snowball.  I have to say that we screwed up a few times throughout our money management journey but thanks to Kelly’s insight & encouragement we have successfully turned the corner!  

We are successful at budgeting, have a fully funded emergency fund, have no credit card debt and are beginning to invest to improve our financial outlook for retirement. I know that God uses Kelly Redman to reach people like me who have a earnest desire to change poor habits but don’t know how.  My family is in better shape financially because Kelly Redman stuck with us and we are truly thankful.  

The Jenkins family 

For the last several years, I have been working with Kelly Redman, and it has been a joy. When I first started working with Kelly, she was a nice lady. She has now become family. She will hold you accountable and help you get to your goals. If you are ready to improve your finances, Kelly is your girl.

Desi J.


Contact me for additional information or to book a free 30 minute consultation. 

(856) 347-0371

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